How Do You Become a Yoga Instructor?

How Do You Become a Yoga Instructor?

You can become a yoga instructor by undergoing the necessary training to meet the standards set by the Yoga Alliance in the United States. Before you decide to make a career change, take some time first to not only think about your plan, but to also prepare yourself beforehand.

  1. Set your expectations

    One factor to consider before deciding to become a full-time yoga instructor is the probable change in your income. Not all yoga teachers make a lot of money, but those who work hard have the potential to make a decent living. An option to consider is to keep your regular job while adding in a few classes every week.

  2. Choose your program

    The Yoga Alliance offers two levels of yoga certificates: 200 hours and 500 hours. The main difference is the required number of hours of training. Trainees usually start with the 200-hour training, which is the minimum for most yoga studios, and then later proceed to reach the 500-hour training level.

  3. Select a yoga school

    Do research about the yoga schools near you, and ask to see their certifications. Another way is to ask your own yoga instructors where they completed their training. You can also go to the Yoga Alliance website to find a list of registered schools in your area.