How Do You Become an X-Ray Tech?

How Do You Become an X-Ray Tech?

Become an X-ray technician by taking high school science courses, completing an accredited radiologic technology program, passing a certification exam and obtaining a state license. State licensing requirements typically include completing an application, paying a fee and undergoing a criminal background check. X-ray technicians are also called radiology technicians.

  1. Meet prerequisites for a radiologic technology program

    Complete the educational requirements for entering a radiologic technology program. These include high school biology, chemistry and upper-level math courses. Radiologic technology programs are highly competitive and require good grades and references.

  2. Complete an accredited radiologic technology program

    Programs leading to associate's and bachelor's degrees are available as well as 20- to 24-month certificate programs. All programs include an internship component and general education requirements.

  3. Pass the certification exam

    Certification is offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The examination measures career-related knowledge, cognitive skills and specific understanding of typical career tasks. Certification must be renewed yearly by completing an application for renewal and providing proof of continuing education in the field.

  4. Obtain a state license

    Although state licensing procedures vary, most states require the completion of an application, a licensing fee, proof of education, certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and a criminal background statement.