How Do You Become a Wine Sommelier?


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To become a wine sommelier, increase your knowledge of various wines, work in the industry and train to earn the necessary certification. Master sommelier certification training classes take about six months to complete.

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  1. Increase your wine knowledge

    Taste a variety of wines, take detailed tasting notes and familiarize yourself with important wine regions of the world to increase your overall knowledge of the subject matter. Sommeliers must be familiar with wine tasting and serving. Acquaint your palate with the unique tasting notes in various wines, and learn which elements in the wine-making process cause certain flavors to develop.

  2. Work in the restaurant or catering industry

    Apply to become server at a restaurant that offers an extensive wine list, work at a wine bar or a winery's tasting room, serve with a catering company, or join the banquet staff at an upscale hotel. These opportunities build your experience and help you decide whether to continue the path toward sommelier certification. During your employment, inquire about advancement opportunities and staff wine training.

  3. Choose a certification course

    A professional certificate is not always required, but it will give you a professional edge over the competition. Courses average around $1,000 and require additional alcohol purchases.

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