How Do You Become a Welder?

Welders may complete training programs offered by trade schools or community colleges, employer training programs and apprenticeships, or through welding training programs offered by the U.S. Armed Forces. Training programs can take a few weeks or up to a year or longer to complete, depending on the level of training provided.

  1. Find a welder training program

    Choose a welder training program that includes hands-on training in operating and using welding equipment and machines, as well as in welding methods and techniques. Training may also include coursework in reading and understanding blueprints, basic math and introduction to metallurgy.

  2. Gain experience in operating robotic welding machines

    Gain experience in operating robotic welding machines through a training program or through an employer. Robotic welding machines perform many of the same tasks as human welders, but require an experienced operator to complete these tasks. These machines have gained in popularity over the years as technology has evolved.

  3. Earn additional welding certifications

    Earn additional welding certifications including Certified Robotic Arc Welding, Certified Welder, Certified Welding Inspector and Certified Welding Fabricator. These certifications are offered by organizations such as the American Welding Society and help welders to advance. These certifications showcase a welder's level of expertise and his willingness to continue his education to potential employers.