How Do I Become a Weather Girl?

become-weather-girl Credit: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

To become a weather girl, known in the professional industry as a meteorologist, you must obtain a degree from an accredited university or college in meteorology. Upon completing your educational requirements you will need to send resumes, network and interview to find a position in the field you want.

There are numerous colleges that offer degrees in meteorology and weather related sciences. A typical degree program will include four years of education with courses that are related to meteorology as well as English, the arts, social sciences and communication. Some schools have different tracks for those looking to go into broadcast meteorology. Although many graduates of these programs desire to go into broadcasting, there are several other paths they may take.

Even before you graduate, there are many opportunities to network and increase your chances of finding a job in the area you prefer. There are summer internships that allow you to work in the field. These may be paid or unpaid. There may also be workshops to attend and career fairs that allow you to meet people currently working in the industry. As with any industry, getting a job as a weather girl requires to you keep up with the field and partaking in activities related to meteorology outside of regular semesters may help you land the right position in the future.