How Do You Become a Venture Capitalist?

How Do You Become a Venture Capitalist?

To become a venture capitalist, study at the undergraduate level to earn a business degree, go to graduate school for an MBA, serve as a consultant within a company, invest with your own capital, and start an investment fund. You can also become a venture capitalist without a formal education.

  1. Obtain a degree

    Study to earn a bachelor's degree in a business-related field, and attend graduate school to earn an MBA to increase your chances of becoming successful. Learn how to read market trends, and know how to analyze business plans.

  2. Gain experience

    Advertise how you can help new business owners thrive. Join start-up groups and companies as a networking strategy. Work at large firms or as a consultant to gain the attention of head-hunters, or work at a large bank for exposure. Foster ties with bankers, investors, lawyers and accountants. Seek mentors to help you pick the best investments and establish contacts.

  3. Invest funds

    Invest in companies of your choice once you have the capital. Identify prime opportunities, and offer start-up companies cash and your expertise to help entrepreneurs succeed.

  4. Raise money

    Raise enough capital for an investment fund using your contacts and networking skills. Find a business partner to help you raise money and find lucrative investments.