How Do You Become a Vendor?

How Do You Become a Vendor?

To become a vendor, choose the vending machines and products, search for food or soda wholesalers, and pick the locations for the machines. You need ledgers, sales sheets and money bags to be a vendor.

  1. Choose your vending avenue

    Pick the type of vendor you want to be, and visit a vending machine wholesaler. Purchase a bulk vending machine if you desire a budget of under $200 for each machine. Choose soda machines if you are abiding by a higher budget of $3000 per machine.

  2. Look for suppliers

    Find soda or food wholesaler in your area, and purchase an annual membership if this is a requirement. Find a per-unit price on products that yield at least 200 to 300 percent markup.

  3. Find suitable locations

    Pick lucrative spots, such as offices, hospitals or beauty salons. Offer the owners or managers 10 to 15 percent sales commissions for bulk vending machines or 15 to 20 percent for large machines. Place the machines in areas designated by the owners.

  4. Stock the machines

    Place the wholesale products in the vending machines. Visit the vending machines once or twice a week to change the money, remove expired products and clean the machines. Learn how to repair the machines yourself, or hire a maintenance man for routine care.