How Do You Become a UPS Notary?

How Do You Become a UPS Notary?

To become a UPS notary, file a notary commission application in your state, obtain insurance and a bond, pick up your notary certificate, order a notary stamp and file a job application for a UPS notary position. This process generally takes one or two months, and requires photo identification and proof of state residency.

  1. Complete a notary commission application

    Obtain a notary commission application from your state, and read it thoroughly. The application contains important, state-specific information about the required documents and credentials applicants must provide. These vary by state. Fill out the application, and submit it.

  2. Obtain the required bond or insurance

    Obtain errors and omissions insurance. As of 2014, a minimum of $25,000 is needed. This protects you in the event that you are sued by a client for making a costly error. Many states also require notaries to obtain bonds of up to $15,000, as of 2014. Bonds directly reimburse clients who suffer financial losses due to notary errors.

  3. Attend the swearing-in ceremony

    When you receive notification that your notary commission application has been approved, schedule your swearing-in ceremony. Although notaries are appointed at the state level, most swearing-in ceremonies take place at county courthouses. At the end of the ceremony, notaries receive their seals and commission certificates.

  4. Purchase your stamp and embosser

    Check your state's regulations for information regarding your notary stamp and embosser. Some states require notaries to use both, while others accept only one.

  5. File a job application for a UPS notary position

    File a job application for a notary position with UPS. Be prepared to present your commission certificate or other proof of your notary status.