How Do I Become an Unlicensed Child Care Provider in Richmond, Virginia?


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The process to become an unlicensed child care provider in Virginia requires the completion of an application and a health check for tuberculosis and criminal background check for each adult who will be in contact with the children. The application and all documentation is submitted to the contracting agency for review. A special commissioner will issue a certificate for the provider if the provider is approved.

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  1. Obtain and fill out the application

    Obtain an application from the state of Virginia’s “contracting organization". The contracting agency is the agency that has contracted with the Department of Social Services to administer the voluntary registration program for family day homes.

  2. Fill out the application

    Fill out the application in its entirety.

  3. Obtain health testing

    Visit a doctor and request that you and other adults who will be in contact with the children be tested for tuberculosis.

  4. Order a criminal background check

    Obtain a criminal background check for each adult that will be in contact with the children as well as adults living in the home. Obtain a Child Protective Services (CPS) Central Registry clearance and a disclosure statement from each adult.

  5. Submit application and required documentation

    Submit the application, health testing results and the background checks to the contracting agency along with the required application fee.

  6. Wait for approval

    The contracting agency will review the application and supporting documents and issue an approval or denial as deemed fit.

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