How Do You Become an Underwear Model?


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You stand the best chance of becoming an underwear model by improving your physique, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, keeping your skin moisturized and sending professional photos to agencies. You can also send your photos off to model searches and blogs related to the underwear industry.

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How Do You Become an Underwear Model?
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While every underwear model doesn't have to have the same build, you should know the specific physical appearance you're going for, such as a toned, skinny or muscular look. Eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water also help you to reach your goals and stay healthy. Eating healthy also helps to improve the look of your eyes, hair and skin. It's best that you avoid artificial and processed foods, too much alcohol and sugar.

Learning how to pose properly is also essential for becoming an underwear model. Look at professional models, and imitate their poses to learn how to best display the underwear and position your body. Using mirrors and having someone take pictures of you are good ways to see how you look in your poses and which aspects of positioning and posing you need to work on.

Any photos sent to agencies and model searches should be taken by a professional photographer. Send your work out to as many agencies as you can, and consider attending modeling auditions as well.

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