How Do I Become an Undertaker?

To become an undertaker, complete your education in mortuary sciences, complete one to three years of an apprenticeship, study for and pass the national licensing exam, and pass the state exam, if necessary. Update your resume, and keep current with continuing-education requirements.

  1. Complete the education requirements

    Research your state's specific requirements. Most states require either an associate's degree in the field or graduation from a mortuary college.

  2. Complete an apprenticeship or internship

    Start an internship program while still in school or after completing your education. If necessary, obtain an apprentice license before starting your internship.

  3. Study for the national licensing exam

    Study for the mortuary science licensing exam. Exam topics generally include psychology, business law, funeral service, funeral service history, microbiology, pathology, restorative arts and anatomy. You should also study embalming, as you must understand the process, even if you don't want to become an embalmer.

  4. Take the required exams

    Take the national licensing exam. If required by your state, take the state licensing examination as well.

  5. Find employment

    Update your resume to include your education, internship or apprenticeship experience, and license information, and begin seeking employment in your region.

  6. Continue your education

    In order to maintain your license, participate in continuing-education opportunities. Stay current with state laws for undertakers.