How do you become a truck freight broker?


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Becoming a truck freight broker involves meeting necessary education requirements, obtaining certification and gaining experience. Additionally, a truck freight broker should possess certain skills that are essential for the job, including critical thinking, proper time management, and sales and marketing. He should also be able to use the software that the industry uses, including transportation management software, procurement software and inventory management software.

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The minimum education requirement for a truck freight broker is a high school diploma. However, most of the positions in freight broking require a bachelor's degree; it is advisable to complete a bachelor's degree in relevant fields such as logistics and supply chain management to enhance employment chances. Typically, the program covers project management, business ethics, distribution and accounting, among other courses. It is also advisable to complete an internship after the degree program to gain more knowledge of freight broking. During the internship, a candidate may learn how to record shipment details and calculate shipping rates.

To get certified as a truck freight broker, apply for certification to the Transportation Intermediaries Association. The certification process involves passing an exam on transportation industry laws and regulations, among other topics. After certification, an aspiring freight broker can apply for an entry level job in a trucking and transportation industry to gain experience, which prepares him for higher positions including truck freight brokerage.

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