How Do You Become a Truck Driver?

Become a truck driver by attending a Commercial Driver's Licence class, passing a Department of Transportation physical, passing a drug test, passing a criminal background check and taking a test. Check your state laws to determine age requirements before beginning.

  1. Take a Commercial Driver's License course

    Find and enroll in a Commercial Driver's License course. Provide the school with three years of employment history, your driving record and your official Social Security card. Attend all the classroom trainings as well as the hands-on truck driving training.

  2. Obtain a Department of Transportation physical

    Visit your family physician or a clinic to obtain a Department of Transportation physical. Expect a blood pressure check, eyesight examination and blood work to be a part of the physical.

  3. Obtain a drug test

    Depending on where you live, provide a urine sample to your physician or clinic. Blood work may also be required.

  4. Pass a background check

    Complete the paperwork, and depending on where you live, pay for a criminal background check.

  5. Pass the Commercial Driver's License test

    Once all of the above has taken place, schedule and take the Commercial Driver's License test. This is a two-part test consisting of a classroom test and a truck driving test.