How Do I Become a Traffic Cop?

become-traffic-cop Credit: Grant Faint/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The qualifications for becoming a traffic cop differ with agencies and geography, but interested candidates must have clean criminal records and be high school graduates or obtain GEDs. Having attended college or served in the military increases an individual's chances. Candidates must be of sound mental, physical and emotional health.

Individuals interested in becoming a traffic cop have several law enforcement agencies to choose from, including the city police, county sheriff's office, highway patrol and state troopers. Age limits vary. Applicants are required to submit themselves to rigorous rounds of testing, including physical, academic and psychological examinations. Some agencies, such as the Los Angeles Police Department, require traffic cop applicants to complete a questionnaire specifically designed for the position. The candidate must then attend the agency's academy; the duration of required studies can vary drastically.