How Do You Become a TQL Carrier?

How Do You Become a TQL Carrier?

To become a TQL carrier, submit a set-up packet for approval. After approval, call and request a log-in, as stated on the TQL website.

Use the following steps to become a TQL carrier.

  1. Check the requirements
  2. Before calling to acquire a set-up packet, check to see if TQL's requirements to become a carrier have been met. The requirements are to have a minimum $1 million auto liability insurance and a minimum $100,000 cargo insurance coverage. If applicable, list the Reefer Breakdown on the insurance certificate, as noted by TQL.

  3. Call for a set-up packet
  4. Call 800-580-3101, extension 69310, to request a packet according to the TQL website. Fill it out and return by fax or email. Ensure that the packet includes insurance copies attached before submission.

  5. Request a log in
  6. Request a log in via phone or the website. A representative will call within 2 days to finish the log in request. Log in credentials have to be given directly for security purposes.

  7. Access the TQL portal
  8. Once the log in information has been validated, the TQL portal will become available online or through the mobile app. The portal allows searches for loads or posts for trucks. Contact customer service for issues regarding payment or job listings.