How Do You Become a Texas Ranger?


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Texas Rangers must achieve Trooper II rank within the Texas Department of Public Safety and have at least eight years of experience working in law enforcement performing criminal investigations. Texas Rangers must achieve high scores on written tests and meet the approval of an interview panel prior to service.

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  1. Achieve and maintain Trooper II rank

    Achieve and maintain Trooper II rank within the Texas DPS prior to applying to become a Texas Ranger.

  2. Complete educational requirements

    Complete at least 90 semester hours of college coursework from an accredited college or university or three years of law enforcement or military service.

  3. Demonstrate work experience and training in law enforcement

    Prepare an achievement list that demonstrates at least eight years of experience working in law enforcement with local, state and federal agencies and departments. Highlight work experience in criminal investigations or specific law enforcement skills and training. Include experience, skills and training on the Texas Ranger application or in the form of a resume as directed.

  4. Undergo a background investigation

    Prepare to participate in a full background investigation that may include a background check and interviews with past and present law enforcement supervisors and co-workers. Answer questions concerning moral character and on-the-job actions, decisions and conduct.

  5. Pass the written exam and interview

    Achieve a high score on the written exam to earn an interview. Meet with the interview panel to complete the review process.

  6. Complete mandatory training and continuing education

    Complete 40 hours or more of training every two years to remain a Texas Ranger. Additional training and education may be necessary depending on the area of expertise.

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