How Do You Become a Teacher in Florida?

There are several requirements to be hired as a teacher in Florida, including possessing an accredited four-year bachelor's degree and completing an approved teacher training program. The state also requires all applicants to obtain a certificate through the Florida Bureau of Educator Certification.

As of 2014, the state offers both a temporary and a professional certificate. The temporary certificate is only valid for three years and is usually given to those candidates without a degree in education. Prospective teachers who possess a bachelor's degree in education can apply for the full five-year professional certificate.

For a candidate to work as an elementary school teacher, Florida requires a degree in elementary education or at least 30 hours of coursework in this subject. Candidates with a degree in any subject can apply for a position as a secondary school teacher as long as they have at least 30 hours of coursework in the subject they wish to teach.

Before applying for either a temporary or professional certification, prospective teachers must first pass both the Florida General Knowledge Test and the Florida Subject Area Examinations. In addition, those applying for the professional certificate may need to take the Florida Professional Education Test. All tests are given through the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations board.