How Do You Become a Surgeon?

To become a surgeon, get high marks in high school and college, enter medical school, complete a residency program, and pass a board-certified exam. Becoming a doctor requires eight or nine years of study and an internship.

  1. Take medically related high school classes

    Earn good marks in such courses as biology, math, physics and chemistry. Take college preparatory classes related to the medical field.

  2. Obtain a bachelor's degree

    Take pre-med college courses, and ensure that you get high marks in college classes. Strive to keep your grade point average as close to 4.0 as possible. Study for and complete the MCAT entrance exam during your last year of college.

  3. Apply to medical school

    Use the time between college and medical school to gain experience in the medical field and take additional classes. Apply to multiple medical schools, and include your MCAT test scores and several letters of reference with your application.

  4. Complete medical school

    Earn your medical degree. While in school, gain additional experience by volunteering at surgical centers, local hospitals and clinics.

  5. Enter a residency program

    Apply for a residency program. Complete your first year as an intern, and follow with two to four years of direct training. Complete the final series of testing necessary to become a board-certified surgeon.