How Do You Become a Support Specialist?

How Do You Become a Support Specialist?

To become a computer support specialist, take computer courses at a college to obtain the necessary technical skills, and apply for available positions. Education requirements vary depending on the company and the exact position.

Some positions only require completion of computer-related classes to qualify, or you may just have to demonstrate competency with computers. Other positions can require computer certifications, an associate degree or a bachelor's degree. Degree fields for a support specialist include computer science, information technology and engineering. Support specialists often pursue training during their careers to maintain proficiency as technology changes.

Support specialists may work with customers, clients or coworkers. Since the support specialist helps others with their computers, the position requires patience and effective communication skills. Writing skills are important if the position requires preparing instructions or communicating with people via email or live chat.

If you don't have work experience, entry level positions, such as call center or help desk jobs, are a way to gain experience and develop communication skills. Internships are another option.

Support specialists help people solve computer issues and train them to use their computers. In some cases, support specialists also provide advice to designers to make computers or computer programs more user-friendly. They also test new technologies for potential issues.