How Do You Become a Stewardess?

How Do You Become a Stewardess?

To become a stewardess, one must earn a high school diploma or equivalent to meet the certification requirements provided by the Federal Aviation Administration. Stewardesses must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid passport and pass a background check.

  1. Gain customer service experience and knowledge

    Gain customer service experience by working in retail, restaurant and hospitality, or other fields. Complete college coursework in hospitality or hotel management, or enroll in a flight attendant school to prepare for airline employee training programs. Most airlines prefer to hire stewardesses with experience or knowledge of hospitality, customer service, travel or related fields, while some international airlines may hire only those who speak a foreign language.

  2. Apply for stewardess positions

    Apply for stewardess positions with domestic or international airlines. Create a resume that highlights all customer service-related positions or related education.

  3. Complete stewardess training

    Complete stewardess training provided by an airline. Training typically takes three to six weeks. Stewardesses must complete training before applying for FAA certification. Stewardesses may learn safety and evacuation procedures, first aid and customer service methods. Training often includes practice flights to help stewardesses become accustomed to flying while performing customer service duties.

  4. Earn FAA Certification

    Apply for FAA certification after completing stewardess training. Stewardesses must complete a proficiency check before working with the public. Proficiency checks are specific to the type of aircraft. Stewardesses who want to work on different types of aircraft must pass multiple proficiency checks.