How Do You Become a Stenographer?

How Do You Become a Stenographer?

To become a stenographer, enroll in and complete a stenography training program at a college or vocational school, pass the Registered Professional Reporter exam to become certified, and seek employment in the field. It takes approximately three years to complete these requirements.

  1. Complete a stenography program

    Choose a stenography program that is certified by the National Court Reporters Association, which is necessary if you plan to seek employment with the federal government. Select a program that also offers internships to ensure you gain some experience in the field before graduation.

  2. Pass the Registered Professional Reporter exam

    Passing the Registered Professional Reporter exam certifies you as a stenography professional. While earning this certification is voluntary, most reputable companies and government agencies require potential employees to have this certification because it requires students to pass a four-part exam that tests their stenography skills and knowledge of court reporting. You can sign up for the exam at the National Court Reporters Association website.

  3. Search for employment

    Apply for stenographer jobs with government agencies, law firms and private companies. Such organizations often keep stenographers on staff to transcribe events that take place in a courtroom, record private witness testimonies or record events that take place during business meetings.