How Do You Become a Special Education Teacher?

How Do You Become a Special Education Teacher?

A special education teacher needs a bachelor's degree and a certification or license to teach in a public or private school setting. Many states also require students to complete a teaching internship. It can take up to four years to meet the requirements necessary to teach special education students.

  1. Complete a bachelor's degree

    The types of bachelor's degree programs a person can earned for a special education track vary. Some people enroll in programs specific to special education. Others earn more general education degrees. Some special education teachers earn degrees in specific content areas like math or language arts.

  2. Complete student teaching requirements

    Teaching students must gain classroom experience. Someone wanting to teach special education normally meets this requirement in a special ed classroom. In addition to seeing how a classroom operates, a student teacher can also develop the core skills needed in this profession, including good communication and critical thinking skills.

  3. Get a license or certification

    Some states offer general special education credentials, while others grant certifications that center on educating people with specific disabilities. Not all private school teachers need these credentials to obtain employment, but public school educators do. After getting your initial certification or license, you may be required to complete additional training in to continue teaching.