How Do You Become a Skip Tracer?


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To become a skip tracer, study federal and state laws related to the industry, including privacy and surveillance laws, and specialize in a specific area of skip tracing before applying for work at a bail bond agency, debt collection agency or private investigation firm. Various professional associations offer seminars and workshops for potential skip tracers, both in person and online.

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Individuals who wish to become skip tracers need not meet any formal training requirements or schooling to do so, but many take classes in order to better understand the field. Since the success of skip tracers often depends upon familiarity with computer databases and systems, some skip tracers specialize in these areas to gain access to information that is otherwise difficult to find.

Professional associations that offer seminars and workshops related to skip tracing include the American Recovery Association and the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. Experience in related professions, such as debt collection and private investigation, typically helps job candidates stand out when applying for skip tracing positions. A significant number of skip tracers are freelancers who operate without direct ties to any particular institution or organization, working as independent contractors for bounty hunters, private investigators and bail bondsmen, as needed.

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