How Do You Become a Silver Service Waiter?

PlanIT Plus explains that to become a silver service waiter, it is important to have basic experience and train in silver service specialist skills. It helps to have a good general education, experience and number skills. Licensed restaurants require a waiter or waitress that is at least 18 years old.

Waiters and waitresses work in a restaurant, hotel, bar or for a contract catering firm, according to PlanIT Plus. They take orders from customers, bring the ordered meal from the kitchen to the customer’s table and accept payment from customers. They sometimes work in a specialized area, such as silver service. PlanIT Plus states that what it takes to become a waiter or waitress is to have a smart appearance, good personal hygiene, clear speech, energy and stamina, a steady hand for carrying dishes, a good memory for taking orders, and a friendly, polite and helpful personality. Moreover, it is important to be patient, tolerant, calm, and aware of health and safety.

According to Hotcourses, silver service is typically provided in more formal restaurants. A silver service waiter serves the main part of the dish separate from the vegetables and accompaniments. A head waiter or waitress supervises a team of waiters and waitresses. Hotcourses states that waiters and waitresses must be welcoming, physically fit, clean, tidy, interested in food, have a knowledge of drinks and be comfortable with serving customers.