How do you become a senior model?


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To become a senior model, create a portfolio of professional photos, ask around at agencies if they represent senior models and apply at agencies with contact information and a photo portfolio, as recommended by Fifty is the New Fifty. Attending a casting call may also be necessary to get signed at an agency.

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Although many people think modeling is a young person's profession, many agencies represent older models. Senior models are age 35 or older, and can often find work shooting brochures, commercial print materials and advertisements. Run through the following steps to get signed as a senior model.

  1. Put together a portfolio
  2. To put together a portfolio, find a professional photographer to take a set of photos. The portfolio should include a variety of shots such as close-up, full frontal, profile, smiling, unsmiling and swimsuit photos.

  3. Ask around at agencies
  4. Contact modeling agencies and ask if they represent senior models. New York agencies that accept senior models as of 2015 include Ford, Wilhelmina and Scott; however, different locations may offer different options. Casting agencies can also be good options for finding representation, notes ModelManagement.com.

  5. Send an application
  6. Apply to agencies with a few key portfolio pictures including a close-up and a swimsuit shot. Include information such as height, clothing size, shoe size and contact information.

  7. Follow up (optional)
  8. Call or email agencies to follow up on the application.

  9. Attend a meeting or casting call
  10. Agencies usually contact prospective models when they are interested in representing them. Before they commit, they usually ask models to come for a meeting or casting. When attending a meeting or casting, wear simple hair and makeup styles and dress in an age-appropriate outfit.

Some agencies offer open casting calls and contests for senior models. For example, Wilhelmina hosts a competition for models age 30 and older, as reported by the Huffington Post.

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