How Do You Become a Self-Employed Courier?


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Become a self-employed courier by submitting an application for courier partnership to a company that employs drivers with an independent contractor status, and passing the relevant requirements, such as a driving test or background check. Alternately, start your own courier company by applying for the appropriate licenses and certification and negotiating contracts with local businesses or subcontracting from other carriers.

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Many courier and delivery services employ drivers as independent contractors, thus allowing them to operate as self-employed parties rather than official employees with accompanying requirements and expectations. These companies typically require potential workers to submit an application that includes details about training and experience in the field, with each company maintaining its own standards. The company may also require applicants to obtain a commercial driver's licence, depending on the nature of the products it delivers, or pass a driving safety exam to demonstrate the ability to operate a vehicle safely. Companies typically pay self-employed drivers according to billable hours or a flat rate on specific jobs.

When starting your own courier company, you must register for the appropriate licenses to operate such as business within your state and county, which vary between locations. You must also obtain additional driving insurance to cover the items you deliver as well as liability insurance specific to the nature of the work. You can find work by partnering with local businesses or reaching out to other delivery companies and subcontracting for specific jobs or general hours.

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