How Do You Become a School Portrait Photographer?


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Become a school portrait photographer by checking the careers section of a school photography company's website or by looking on general job listing sites such as Indeed.com or SimplyHired.com, as of 2015. It is also possible to start your own portrait photography business and work with local schools to obtain contracts.

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Many companies that specialize in school portrait photography maintain section of their websites that include details about open job opportunities, often on a regional basis. For example, LifeTouch.com regularly posts listings for photographer jobs on the Careers section of its site that include both long-term positions within the company and short-term contract jobs at a specific school.

It is also common for these companies to post job openings on general job hunting websites, as it allows for greater exposure to job hunters. Use the location, employer and salary search tools on these sites to identify the most relevant positions. A listing typically includes a summary of the job requirements and the general activities of the role, such as traveling to schools or managing special equipment.

Another option for finding school portrait photography jobs is to start an independent photography company, which includes creating a portfolio of your past work. This method involves contacting schools directly to find out about the opportunities for photography contracts and to schedule interviews with the appropriate administrator. Some private schools may also employ photographers directly.

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