How Do You Become a Safety Officer?


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Becoming a safety officer requires the completion of safety training courses from institutions accredited in the field. Alternatively, a college degree in social science or resource management can take the place of safety training courses.

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In addition to certifications or degrees, safety officers have to have basic math skills, understand basic science and comprehend industrial, manufacturing and mechanical practices associated with their job. They must also have a working knowledge of the field in which they work, including but not limited to the way products are produced. This allows the safety officer to decide the safest, most efficient way to complete tasks.

Safety officers are tasked with maintaining order on the job site and ensuring that all safety requirements are met. They act as educators to employees and make sure that everyone on the job site is aware of safety rules and necessary precautions through both on-site tutorials and in-depth trainings. Safety officers are also required to perform inspections of work sites and machinery, keeping records if accidents happen to occur, enforcing dress code rules and keeping safety standards updated and properly displayed in the workplace. Additionally, they provide advice on how to improve standards after accidents occur and work with other businesses in order to secure the materials needed for the task.

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