How Do You Become a Respite Care Provider?

The qualifications needed to become a respite care worker may differ slightly across various states and according to the particular company that is hiring. Generally, respite care workers are required to be 18 years or older and possess a car and a driver's license, and must have the ability to pass a criminal background check. Past felonies or misdemeanors are disqualifying offenses. Locate nearby respite care facilities by checking the phone book or through the National Respite Network.

The applicant must complete an interview process, and the company usually requires one or more home visits to determine the safety of the caretaker's home. Businesses use a thorough screening process to assure proper matching between individuals and care workers, as well as to guarantee safety for all involved. Many facilities provide training courses that applicants must complete before being hired on as respite care workers. This generally involves a CPR and first aid course to attain the appropriate certifications, if they are not required ahead of time. Once the applicant has received certification, a follow-up home interview is usually performed, after which the applicant can begin working as a respite care worker for the company with which he applied.