How Do I Become a Registered Dog Breeder?

become-registered-dog-breeder Credit: static416/CC-BY-2.0

The term "registered dog breeder" refers to an individual certified by the American Kennel Club. With the necessary paperwork and registration, breeders can officially register their litters. Registered dog breeders are responsible for remaining objective about the dogs they breed, taking proper care of both parents, nurturing puppies and placing puppies in homes wisely.

  1. Involve yourself with your breed's club

    Every breed registered with the American Kennel Club has a national club, with local specialty clubs devoted to the breed in many communities. Get involved with these or other dog clubs. Attend educational events to learn more about your breed and participate in the club's events.

  2. Learn about the breed standard

    Obtain a copy of the American Kennel Club's breed standard guide for the dog you wish to breed. National clubs also offer illustrations of the standard and educational videos. Learn everything you can about the specifics of your breed. Read periodicals and books about dog breeding.

  3. Attend dog shows and other events

    Learn about breeding lines by attending dog shows and watching purebred dogs in competition. Study the pedigrees of the specific dogs you like. Connect with the experienced breeders attending the dog shows to learn from them.

  4. Verify AKC standards and rules

    Contact the American Kennel Club to make sure you have all the paperwork you need for breeding dogs. Learn how to register a litter. Become familiar with the rules governing the registration and sale of dogs.