How Do You Become a Recruiter?

How Do You Become a Recruiter?

To become a recruiter, one typically must have a bachelor's degree in human resources or related work experience equivalent. Some employers may require certification as a human resources professional. Before applying to recruiting firms, experience should be gained in an internship or an entry-level position such as a customer service representative.

Recruiters are specialists in human resources who assist in hiring the best individual for a position by interviewing candidates. They may also check work history and job references, conduct testing, process paperwork and outline benefits. They frequently travel to career events and job fairs at colleges and other potential places of recruitment.

Key skills for recruiters include speaking, listening, decision-making and interpersonal skills in addition to a strong attention to detail. Recruiters should have the ability to use technology related to the industry such as human resources and customer relationship management software.

Undergraduate courses that are useful to potential recruiters include accounting, English, training and development, personnel administration and business. Potential recruiters might consider professional certification from organizations such as the HR Certification Institution.

Employers may prefer or even require applicants who have a professional certification. Jobs as a recruiter can be found through networking, personal connections or through a job board such as that of the Society for Human Resource Management.