How Do You Become a Recipe Developer?

become-recipe-developer Credit: Dimitri Otis/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

According to Education Portal, formal training, on-the-job experience and certain professional certifications or licenses may be needed to become a professional recipe developer, depending on the specific position. Because the career path of recipe developers varies, the formal education and training necessary can be markedly different for different positions. Recipe developers can work for print or online publications, restaurants, food manufacturers or private clients needing specific dietary or nutritional assistance.

The most common requirements for recipe developer positions include completion of culinary school, an undergraduate or graduate degree in dietetics or a career as a writer or journalist, according to Education Portal. Depending on the industry and position, additional licensure such as Registered Dietitian or culinary certifications may be required. Though previous experience requirements vary, in most cases, culinary experience is a must. While there are full-time recipe development positions, many recipe developers work on a freelance basis, and competition is very high.

Education Portal suggests talking to a career counselor to help determine a path that leads to a position in recipe development. Getting an internship while in school and focusing any training on food media and food writing coursework are steps to help secure a career in the field. Aspiring recipe developers are advised to follow the industry by reading both online and offline publications, as well as attending trade shows and industry conferences, to stay current on new trends, equipment and ingredients.