How Do You Become a Real Estate Developer?

How Do You Become a Real Estate Developer?

To become a real-estate developer, obtain a business degree, attain a real-estate license, get a job, build relationships with others in the real-estate field, seek financing, then start investing money into real-estate projects. Good credit and substantial cash reserves are necessary to become a real-estate developer.

  1. Get the proper education and credentials

    Obtain a degree in urban development, construction management, business administration or finance. After earning your degree, take real-estate classes, and pass the real-estate licensing exam.

  2. Find a job in the field

    Find a job related to buying, selling or developing land. Learn as much about the real-estate field as possible. Begin saving money and building your credit history while working and gaining experience.

  3. Forge relationships

    Establish bonds with contractors and construction firms that can help you become successful as your career develops.

  4. Conduct research

    As you gain experience, start researching trends in the industry, such as fluctuations in real-estate pricing. Learn when to buy low and sell high, and use special services to get accurate current information.

  5. Seek financing for investments

    Build relationships with lenders so they can finance your investment endeavors and give you competitive rates.

  6. Start investing

    Start investing in projects. Work with a seasoned developer until you gain enough experience to begin working and investing on your own.