How Do You Become a Real Estate Broker?


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Real-estate brokers and sales agents must earn a state-issued real-estate license to work in the real-estate industry. In most states, brokers must work as sales agents for at least one year before applying for a broker's license.

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  1. Earn a real-estate sales agent license

    Contact real-estate licensing commissions to determine the courses necessary to complete before applying for a real-estate sales agent license. Many community colleges and technical schools offer the required courses. Apply for and pass the written sales agent licensing exam. In most states, real-estate sales agents must be at least 18 years of age.

  2. Find employment with a real-estate company

    Seek employment with a real-estate company or broker to gain hands-on knowledge and to complete sales agent employment requirements for a broker's license.

  3. Complete real-estate broker coursework

    Complete additional coursework needed to become a real-estate broker. In some states, a bachelor's degree may be substituted for this coursework. Real-estate broker coursework includes real-estate law, finance, marketing and business management.

  4. Earn a real-estate broker's license

    Apply for and pass state real-estate broker licensing exams. Most states require brokers working in this industry to renew their license every few years. License renewal may include additional coursework or training, depending on local requirements.

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