How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent in Pennsylvania?


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Becoming a real estate agent in Pennsylvania requires passing a background check and several licensing exams. Exams and exam prep must be completed in order to proceed with licensing. A minimum of three courses are required.

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The three types of courses that are required include 60 hours of licensing training, 30 hours of real estate practice training and 30 hours of real estate fundamentals training. Accredited places for real estate education, such as Kaplan, provide package deals including the tests for each one of these exams, as well as the prep needed to pass. Those applicants with a college degree in a different field, or an accreditation in real estate in another state or territory, may be able to have part of their fundamental and practice training waived. These three courses are necessary to be licensed and prep is often offered. Following these exams, a background check is required. The applicant can request this information at the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository, either online or in person. After these requirements have been met, the applicant must then take both the Pennsylvania and national licensing exams. The final step is submitting a fee and application to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission.

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