How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent?


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While specific requirements vary by state, real estate agents must typically complete a training course and pass an exam. An applicant must be at least 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma or equivalent. Certain skills also contribute to a person's potential for career success as an agent.

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  1. Complete a prelicense course

    Most states require a person to complete a prelicense course. Courses usually include topics in real estate basics, laws and lending. In some cases, college real estate courses may be accepted as a substitute for a prelicensing course.

  2. Pass a licensing exam

    Each state has its own real estate agent licensing exam and standards. Typically, a person shows proof of course completion and then must achieve the minimum score to pass.

  3. Finish additional requirements

    States may also have additional requirements, such as successful completion of a criminal background check.

  4. Develop professional skills

    Just getting a professional license doesn't ensure a person can get hired into an agency or build a successful agent career. Successful agent candidates need marketing, interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. Agents market their services and attract listings. They build rapport and communicate with clients and other agents in the market, and they also organize a lot of paperwork.

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