How Do I Become an A&R Executive?

How Do I Become an A&R Executive?

To become an A&R executive you must work your way up the music industry ladder while creating relationships with new artists, promoters, club owners and the press. Securing an internship at a record label, then succeeding as a scout is the best way to become an A&R executive.

  1. Intern at a record label

    Start off as an unpaid intern, providing free work to a record label or music company, while keeping an eye on the local and national music scene. Network as much as possible during the internship. Get to know club owners, local bands and executives within the record label to build strong connections. Maintaining relationships with those involved in the music scene is key to becoming an A&R executive.

  2. Become a scout

    If the label is impressed by your work ethic and knowledge of trends and local music, they will ask you to become a scout. A&R scouts listen to demos, go to shows and find new artists from their networking. This role lays the framework for becoming an A&R executive. Offering strong recommendations for the label and building a network of potential stars is the best way to become a manager.

  3. Continue to network

    Becoming an A&R executive requires an unrelenting passion for the music industry, knowledge of the recording process and a strong network of producers, engineers, musicians and mixers. There are no set requirements to becoming an A&R executive. Labels hire or promote A&R executives based on their ability to find potential stars and suitable fits for the labels' needs.