How Do You Become a Publisher?


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Becoming a publisher typically requires a college education with at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Skills required of a publisher include good communications skills, computer literacy and the ability to work with deadlines.

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Many companies that hire book publishers require at least a bachelor’s degree. It should be in a related field, such as journalism, literature or communications, though that is not always required. Having any type of bachelor’s-level college degree and experience in the field of publishing is often enough to get hired. There are also additional certificate programs that go more in-depth into publishing as a career, which is also good to have on a resume. A publisher should have coursework in design, marketing, editing and production. Having a master’s degree in publishing or communications is a big advantage.

A publisher needs to have the skills required to produce, market, select and distribute different types of writing. Publishers should be familiar with digital and print forms of books and other publications. There is a positive job outlook for publishing, particularly in the editing field, as of 2015. The average salary for this career is $62,440 annually. People who take coursework to be publishers might also like other related careers, such as being an art director or author.

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