How Do You Become a Property Manager?

How Do You Become a Property Manager?

To become a property manager, obtain a college degree, take a local property management course, gain job experience, and become certified in property management. Finally, join a reputable property management association.

  1. Obtain a college degree

    Earn a college degree. Take relevant subjects such as accounting, architecture, real estate or civil engineering while earning your degree to increase your chances of becoming a property manager. Many companies require at least a college degree before granting entry-level property management positions.

  2. Take a local property management course

    Enroll for a property management course at your local vocational institute. Learn essential skills required for the job, and earn a recognized certificate in property management.

  3. Gain work experience

    Apply for a job with a property management company to earn hands-on experience in the field. Improve your social and problem-solving skills.

  4. Become a Certified Property Manager

    Get certified by the Institute of Real Estate Management for the best chance of becoming a successful property manager. Pass the tests necessary to become a Certified Property Manager.

  5. Join a property management association

    Join a reputable property management association, such as the National Apartment Association, once you become a property manager. This step makes you more attractive to prospective employers and gives you access to support and advice from seasoned members.