How Do You Become a Professional Home Organizer?


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People interesting in becoming professional home organizers should join the National Association of Professional Organizers and prepare for the rigors of the job. Certification in organization is also possible, though it's not required.

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Professional home organizers need to be prepared to work with people who have trouble getting and staying organized. They need to be able to help these people without judging their lack of organizational skills.

To better hone their own organizational skills, prospective home organizers should undergo training. The Institution for Challenging Disorganization offers classes, as does the National Association of Professional Organizers, or NAPO, which also offers a certification program. The program recognizes professional home organizers who have met certain qualifications, such as those related to client interaction. The program also incorporates examinations.

Certification is through the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers, or BCPO. For BCPO certification, practicing professional organizers must meet the eligibility requirements and take a test. These requirements include a minimum of 1,500 hours in the field within the last three years.

NAPO and other organizer companies offer regular seminars, training programs and conferences. Attending such events better prepares potential organizers for success in the industry.

Once professional home organizers are ready to start up a business, they should design a website and start offering their services for free or at a discount to get referrals.

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