How Do You Become a Professional Boxer?

To become a professional boxer, you must first condition your body to endure the rigors of boxing and learn the rules and techniques of the sport. After that, train with other boxers, enter competitions, find a manager and trainer, and work with a promoter to schedule fights.

  1. Work out daily to condition your body

    Boxing is incredibly tough on your bones and muscles, so to become a professional boxer, you must commit to daily workouts to get into fighting shape. These workouts typically involve intense cardiovascular training, such as jogging long distances and jumping rope, as well as completing drills on punching bags and speed bags.

  2. Learn the rules of boxing

    Boxing matches are conducted under a strict set of regulations, and you must know the rules of the sport before stepping into the ring. Violating these rules can get you disqualified from the fight, which can negatively impact your ability to progress in a boxing career. Review the rules of the sport. Memorize the illegal movements, and work to avoid them.

  3. Spar with other boxers

    The most important milestone to becoming a professional boxer is sparring with other fighters to get real in-ring experience. Schedule sparring sessions regularly with boxers at or slightly above your ability level.

  4. Enter amateur competitions

    Compete in amateur competitions get the attention of trainers and managers. Do your best to win amateur matches in order to connect with the crowd and develop a fan following.

  5. Find a dependable manager, trainer and promoter

    Once you are ready to make the jump to professional status, hire a manager to book your paid fights and handle your business affairs. Also hire an experienced trainer who has worked with other professional boxers to keep your fighting skills in tip-top shape. Connect with a promoter who can schedule professional fights and boost your visibility.