How Do I Become a Private Hire Taxi Driver?

become-private-hire-taxi-driver Credit: Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Taxi drivers transport people from one location to another. To become a private taxi driver, you need to have the proper licenses, permits, insurance and a dependable car. You also need to possess good driving skills and excellent customer service abilities.

  1. Obtain an appropriate vehicle

    Convert your vehicle into a taxi or buy a new one. Make sure that the car is dependable and the interior is in good condition.

  2. Purchase adequate insurance

    Obtain car insurance from a reliable insurance company to protect your car and meet state requirements.

  3. Obtain the required training

    Attend a driving school and acquire required skills. Become familiar with the regulations governing private taxi drivers.

  4. Obtain required licenses and permits

    Visit your local business licensing office to obtain information on getting a private taxi license. Make sure you meet the minimum age requirement, are in good physical condition, and can read and write.

  5. Select a pricing system

    Choose the prices that you will use for your services, according to the rates set by the regulatory agency in your area.

  6. Choose a route

    Check with the tax commission or other appropriate agency on how to select a route. Choose the route which you will operate your private taxi.

  7. Obtain a taximeter and rate card

    Install a taximeter, and obtain a rate card from the local commission to determine the fare rates for your passengers.

  8. Display your taxi license

    Make sure your taxi license is in clear view of passengers as proof of your authorization to operate the taxi.