How Do You Become a Preacher?


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To become a Christian preacher, evaluate your skills, learn the requirements, attend bible school and secure an interview. Finally, get ordained as a preacher.

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  1. Evaluate your skills

    Take stock of your people skills and organizational skills. Engage in church activities to learn more about what it takes to become a preacher. Pray about your interest, and be confident in your faith.

  2. Learn the requirements

    Find out what type of training and qualifications are required for the denomination you are interested in ministering in. The department of pastoral training for your church is a great source for this information.

  3. Attend Bible school

    Meet the educational requirements for your denomination, usually a minimum of a high school diploma. Apply to Bible school or seminary and graduate. Apply for a job as a preacher through the ministry headquarters.

  4. Go for an interview

    Attend an interview with the ministry or church that responds to your application. Present a sermon if required, and negotiate a salary and terms of employment once successful.

  5. Get ordained

    To finally become a preacher, accept the call of a ministry or church. Ordination requirements depend on the church, but are usually based on education, church membership and a call to a specific ministry. Go through the ordination ceremony to complete the process.

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