How Do You Become a Postmaster?


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To become a postmaster, graduate from high school, maintain a job in the U.S. Postal Service, and pursue opportunities to further your postal experience. Focus on advancing your knowledge base in management, problem solving and negotiation. Finally, complete advanced postal service training.

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  1. Get the required education

    Get a high school diploma or equivalent to meet the educational requirements for postmaster.

  2. Pursue higher education

    To become a standout candidate, pursue an associate's or bachelor's degree in public administration, communication or business.

  3. Get work experience

    Get a job in a post office. Look for entry-level jobs, and, once employed, maintain a good work record.

  4. Explore the field

    To get a well-rounded view of the postal field, pursue multiple opportunities as they arise. In particular, look for mentorship and job shadowing opportunities.

  5. Hone your management skills

    Postmaster is a supervisory position, so accept opportunities to enhance your management skills. Focus also on customer service and interpersonal skills.

  6. Seek out opportunities to problem solve

    Because postmasters need to solve problems, identify areas for improvement, and suggest solutions, work on negotiation and mediation skills to show you are able to envision and implement a course of action.

  7. Take advanced postal service training

    Participate in opportunities for in-house training, and seek out further career development programs. Complete either the Managerial Leadership Program or the Advanced Leadership Program.

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