How Do You Become a Police Detective?


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To become a police detective, become an officer, and climb the rank path of the department to earn a promotion to detective. You need to graduate from the police academy, and you need to work hard enough to receive numerous promotions.

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  1. Apply to be a recruit at the police academy

    Apply to the police academy, and pass physical exams, drug tests and other parts of the application process to be accepted.

  2. Obtain degrees from higher education

    Complete all required curriculum to receive a degree from an education institution higher than high school if the department requires it.

  3. Graduate from the police academy

    Complete all coursework and training required to graduate from the police academy.

  4. Become a police officer, and complete the probationary period

    Complete on-the-job training, time requirements and achievements to advance from the probationary period.

  5. Receive a promotion above officer level

    Surpass your peers in performance well enough to earn a promotion to corporal, sergeant, lieutenant or captain.

  6. Earn a degree in criminal justice

    Earn an associate's or bachelor's degree in criminal justice during your time as an officer to further your chances of receiving a promotion.

  7. Complete the detective application process

    Complete the detective application process for your department after receiving extensive experience and education as an officer.

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