How Do You Become a Plant Operator?

How Do You Become a Plant Operator?

How Do You Become a Plant Operator?

To become a plant operator, you must get technical training in a specific field. Build your experience and gain more knowledge through on-the-job training. Successful professionals must obtain licenses and update them as required.

  1. Obtain undergraduate or vocational training

    Plant operators require sufficient knowledge and experience on how to operate different types of machines. The best way of gaining such knowledge is by undertaking vocational and undergraduate training in programs related to plant technology. Register for courses in schools and colleges that offer technical training programs in plant operation. Go for degree programs that offer internship opportunities to sharpen your skills.

  2. Look for on-the-job plant training

    After successful completion of undergraduate or vocational training, begin on-the-job training at a plant in your field of study. This process equips learners with sufficient knowledge on each section of plant operation. Professionals with degrees in plant operations take a little time to understand the functioning of different equipment. Many employers prefer job applicants with extensive knowledge in plant technology and operation.

  3. Obtain and update the necessary licenses

    Plant operators, such as nuclear reactor power plant operators, must obtain licenses before being allowed to operate. You must sit for a test before being licensed to operate. As of 2014, the government requires you to renew your license after every six years. However, license renewal requirements for plant operators differ from one state to another.