How Do You Become a Piercer?


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In most states, body piercers must complete an apprenticeship with a licensed piercer, earn CPR certification and complete health and safety courses in order to prevent the spread of disease. Piercers must also earn a state license to perform piercings.

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Because of the risks associated with piercing human skin, body piercers must complete training in blood-borne pathogens. This training is typically offered by state and local health departments, vocational and trade schools, and certified body-piercing studios. Body piercers must also complete an apprenticeship with a licensed body piercer to learn about body jewelry, body-piercing techniques, proper disposal of needles and other equipment, sterilization of equipment and other sanitation procedures. Apprenticeships may take three months to one year to complete. Lastly, body piercers may have to receive a series of three Hepatitis B vaccinations to prevent the spread of the disease.

Most states require body piercers to earn a license before working with clients or starting a body art business. State requirements vary, so body piercers should contact local and state health boards to determine the length of apprenticeship and testing requirements needed to earn a license. Continued education in public health and safety may also be necessary, including annual completion of blood-borne pathogen training.

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