How Do You Become a Personal Shopper?


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To become a personal shopper, you have to learn what the latest styles are, obtain a complete knowledge of brand names, plan out your business and market yourself. There is no formal education needed to become a personal shopper, but some experience in the retail sector is helpful in terms of marketing. Licensing is required in some states, so find out whether you need a license to work in your location.

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  1. Learn the latest styles

    Keeping up with the latest trends helps you in getting into the fashion world. Additionally, know what the emerging trends are, and the changes that are predicted to take place. Subscribe to fashion blogs and magazines to obtain this knowledge.

  2. Learn the band names

    Memorize each brand name that is popular, and familiarize yourself with each brand name's clothing line. Know where to purchase their items.

  3. Plan your business

    Make a plan on how operate your business. Choose work hours and days of the week that work best for you and your business, but be prepared to work extremely flexible hours.

  4. Market yourself

    Advertise your services to family members and friends, local periodicals and online classified sites. Check out places that allow free posting of fliers and post fliers there.

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