How Do You Become a Pediatric Nurse?


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Become a pediatric nurse by graduating from a nursing school within a college or a university, and then pass a licensing exam known as the NCLEX. Specializing in pediatrics also involves gaining experience through clinical training.

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  1. Obtain a bachelor of science in nursing

    To become a pediatric nurse, first gain a bachelor of science in nursing from a college or university. Topics of study in the program include medical terminology, health care, anatomy, physiology, health assessment, psychology and pharmacology.

  2. Gain clinical experience

    Work on a site that serves pediatric patients to acquire hands-on work experience. Classroom training and clinical experience are offered during clinical training.

  3. Become a certified nurse

    Take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse and the NCLEX-PN licensing exam to become a licensed practical nurse.

  4. Acquire a master’s degree

    Complete a master’s degree program in pediatric care to become an advanced-practice pediatric nursing practitioner. This qualification is required to perform advanced procedures in pediatric care.

  5. Get certified

    Obtain certification from the accepted certification boards. Earn the designation of a certified pediatric nurse by fulfilling the requirements of being a registered nurse and having at least 1,800 hours of work experience in the capacity of a pediatric nurse during the past two years.

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