How Do You Become a Pastor?


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Becoming a pastor involves discussing one's intentions with the pastor of the church where one would like to serve, as well as studying - not only via an approved Seminary program, but self-study of the Bible as well. Additionally, one must spend time serving in the church and when ready, preaching sermons to the congregation. The entire process can sometimes take years, but when the pastoral staff of the church deems a candidate has met all the requirements, the ordination ceremony takes place.

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How Do You Become a Pastor?
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Study the Bible and other principles of being a pastor at a college, university or through an educational program through the church. Expect to spend time reading the Bible and praying everyday. Pastoral candidates should have a strong knowledge of scripture and be able to point people to it easily. The church's pastor will generally set a candidate up with an elder of the church so that they can learn even more and consult with that person as they act as a mentor.

Serve in the church in various areas, such as greeting, ushering, security, special events and cleaning up the grounds and guest areas. As one's experience grows, other opportunities arise. These include taking part in church events and community outreach programs. Eventually, pastoral candidates may also be asked to deliver a sermon or two, lead a small group, and teach kids and adult classes. Additionally, volunteer to assist the pastoral staff of the church. Learn from them, and help out so that they have more time to focus on planning their sermons.

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